Masters International


2003 FISA Masters, Vichy, France
WF4x   Karin, Eva S, Eva V, Eva Sch
WG4+   Moni, Jori, Christel (cox), Lies, Eva S
WG4-  Birgith, Nelly, Noralee, Lies
WF4-   Eva S, Vroni, Moni, Karin
WH4x   Jori, Lies, Rozi, Annelise
WC4x    Felicity, Vicki, Kamila, Joelle

 WG8+    Eva S, Moni, Noralee, Eva J, Eva V, Lies, Nelly, Annelise, Christel (cox)
WD1x   Vicki
mixH8+   Noralee, Jori, Nelly, Eva V, Joey (cox)
WF2x   Margaretha, Karin
WD4x   Felicity, Vicki, Karin, Joelle
WD2x   Vicki, Joelle
mixF4x  Klaus, Andreas S, Moni, Karin
mixD4x   Hans-Juergen, Vicki, Joelle, GerhardM
MixH4x  Bill P, Noralee, Nelly, Mike C
mixE4x   AndreasS, a Belgian rower, Vicki, Karin
discussing strategy
meeting old friends again
Karin studying the race program
carrying boats
bicycles in the bedroom?
Fahrraeder im Schlafzimmer?
"coach" Jacques in front of our "headquarters"