Masters International


FISA Masters, Zagreb, Croatia
back row: Renee, Anneke, Noralee, Mies
center:  Barbara B
front:  Eva V, Jean, Joey (cox), Lynette
back: Beate, Margit, Merete, Harriet, Eva S
front: Juergen (cox), Amy, Karin, Dora
back:  Edgar, Rod, Nelly, Barbara B, Dean
front:  Annelise, Raisa, Pren (cox), Bill C
back:  Penny, Nelly, Marietta, Janina, Rozi, Eva H
front:  Annelise, Pren (cox), Patty

WE4x   Evelyn, Marie, Stephanie, Amy

Dora, Rita, Magdi, Reet, Silke, Eva S, Nijole, Joelle
front:  Juergen (cox)
WG4x    Lynette, Harriet, Barbara, Noralee
mixH4x    Mike, Bill H, Noralee, Eva H
mixH8+  Art, Renee, Bill H, Joey (cox), Penny, Noralee, Pim, Patty, Julije
WF4-    Eva Sch, Dora, Eva S, Vroni
WB4x   Ilja, Doreen, Sybille, Gaby
WH4+   Lynette, Annelise, Barbara, Nelly, Pren (cox)
WE4+    Evelyn, Joey (cox), Sharon, Lizzie, Amy
mixI4x   Nelly, Lew, Annelise, Pim
WH4x   Jean, Nelly, Eva V, Annelise
WF4x     Dora, Eva Sch, Merete, Eva S

mixE4x   Gerhard, Magdi, Joelle, Juergen M

WC4x   Kamilla, Gaby, Gisela, Bettina
WH4-   Lynette, Annelise, Patty, Nelly
WG4-   Noralee, Barbara, Eva V, Jean
WA4x   Carola, Laura B, Ilja, Juliane

mixE2x   Stephanie, Markus

mixF4x   Juergen M, Eva S, Marie, Gerhard
WG4+   Eva V, Vroni, Joey (cox), Noralee, Jean
back: Ireneusz, Bent, Gerd, Manfred
front: Eva Sch, Jean, Lynette, Karin, Huess (cox)
WG2x   Lynette, Jean

WD2x    Magdi, Joelle
MI members also won medals for their own clubs/another group in other races
MI Mitglieder haben auch Medallien fuer ihren eigenen Verein/andere Gruppe in weiteren Rennen gewonnen
Evelyn  mixD4x
Eva S   mixG2x
Margit  mixD2x
Helga   mixD4x
Merete  WD2x, mixF2x
Kamilla   WE4x, WD4x, WD1x
Mies    WF4x, WE1x, WF1x, WF2x
Anneke    WF4x, WF2x
Gaby   WA2x, WB2x, mixC4x, mixA8+
Sybille   WA2x, WB2x, mixC4x, mixA8+
Silke  mixB8+, mixC2x, WA2x, WA8+, WB4x

Doreen    mixA4x
Juergen (cox)  D8+. F8+
Ilja    mixA2x, mixA4x
Renee   WH1x, WG1x, WF2-
Felicity   WB4x, WA8+ (cox)
Laura    WB4x
Nijole    WB4x
Barbara   mixG2x
Marie   WE2x
Joelle   WD1x
Gisela   mixB4x,  WB2x
Amy   mixD4x
Juliane  WA2x, WA8+
Ulrike  WA8+, mixB8+
Sonja   WA8+, mixB8+, WB4x
Mira    WA8+, WB4x, mixB8+
Anna H   mixC8+
Manuela D   mixC8+
Vroni   WE8+,  WD4x, mixH2x
Reet   WC4-, mixC8+
Rita   WC2-, WC4-, mixC8+
Ingrid   WC2-,  WC4-, mixC8+
Bettina  (cox)  D8+
The WH4+ returning from a very wet race on Friday
Hotel Remetinec, where a large part of our group stayed: basic and cheap!
The WE8+ looks like they are dressed for winter!
A "drowned" but happy WG4+ at the awards dock
The usual pandemonium at the docks
The stands were always well filled since it was DRY!