Masters International


2008 FISA Masters, Trakai, Lithuania
WI4x:  Vivienne, Rosa, Nelly, EvaV
WH4-:  Barbara, Annelise, Vivienne, EvaV
WG4-:  EvaSch, Karin, Vroni, EvaS
WD2x:  Joelle, Magdi
WH1x:  Vivienne
WG2x: Lynette, Karin
WG8+:  Eva Sch, Christa, Barbara, Beate, Almut, Margit, EvaS,  missing: Juergen (cox)
mixG4x:  Svend-Erik, Karin, EvaSch, missing: Gerd
WH8+:  Janina, EvaV, EvaH, Nelly, Amy, Marietta, Vivienne, Annelise   front: Prenny (cox)
WH4x:  Montse, Annelise, Marietta, EvaH
WF8+:  standing:  Harriet, Dora, MJ, Magdi, Raisa, Lynette   kneeling: Karin, Joey (cox), Liga
WF4x:  Amy, EvaS, Karin, Joelle
WG4x:  Harriet, Barbara, EvaSch, Lynette
WE4x:  Helga, Magdi, Karin, Joelle
mixE4x:  Gerhard, Joelle, Magdi, Juergen
mixJ4x:  Laurie, Nelly, Dick, EvaH
WH4+:  Vivienne, EvaV, EvaH, Annelise, Pren (cox)
mixI8+:  standing: EvaH, Dean, Vivienne, Charles, Art, Marietta, Otto;  kneeling: Annelise, Pren (cox)
WG4+:  EvaS, Vroni, Karin, EvaSch, Huess (cox)
WD8+:  standing:  Joelle, Magdi, Gabi, EvaS, Helga, Ingrid;  kneeling: Juergen (cox), Dora, Birute
mixH2x:  Vivienne, Manni
mixI4x:  Annelise, Vivienne, Lew, Dean
WF4-:  Dora, Amy, Margit, Lynette
mixH4x:  Lynette, Pim, EvaV, Julije
mixH8+:  Pim, EvaV, Rod, Barbara, Hans-Juergen, Joey (cox), Christa, Lynette, Julije
Nelly with her her OAR pin for her second year as an Octogenarian participant at FISA Masters
MI members also won medals for their own clubs/another group in other races
MI Mitglieder haben auch Medallien fuer ihren eigenen Verein/andere Gruppe in weiteren Rennen gewonnen
Gabi :  WC1x, WC4x, WB4x, WB1x
Almut:  WD4x
Raisa  WD4x
Vroni:   WE8+, mixG8+
Ingrid:  WC8+, mixC8+
Joelle & Annie:   WE2x
Nijole K :   mixE2x
Margit:  mixE4x
Joey:   G8+, I8+
Juergen:  D8+
Karin & Diana, with the luggage containing the new MI tent and racing shirts, arrive safely in Vilnius
It is Tuesday noon and Laurent (VEGA) has finally arrived with our rental boats.He was supposed to be there Monday night!
Huess "going for a ride" in the WG4+!
Lynette and Dora returning oars after the race.