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2016 Copenhagen FISA Masters  WG8+

updated  July 29

Nelly '25 will have heart surgery!

On Aug 8,  at age 92, Nelly will have an aorta valve replacement through the groin. Please, everybody have good thoughts on that day and until her recovery!

Nelly was an enthusiastic and faithful MI member from 2001 (Montreal FISA Masters) to 2010 (St. Catharines FISA Masters) when she finally retired from competition. She had been rowing since age 12. She remembers her participation with MI as one of the best experiences in her life & one of the highlights in her rowing career.

MORE SAD NEWS!!!!!!!!  enthusiastic MI member Penelope has died
Penelope (P*) '35  USA (2006-2009)
With a sad heart, Penelope had to give up rowing because of nerve damage in her arm. She was all set to row with us at the 2010 FISA Masters in St. Catharines
It was a shock to hear that P* died on July 16, only 2 months after we talked about her rowing experiences with MI at FISA and US Masters. She also wanted a certain photo of her Camden 4- to incorporate in one of her glass works.

SAD NEWS!!!!!!!  mixed member Charles Eugster has died

Charles Eugster '19  SUI  2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
He was a staunch MI mixed member until he decided it was time to retire in 2013.
Although he quit competitive rowing, he continued to race short erg pieces and compete at various track and field events.
He died of heart related problems on April 27, 2017.

We have lost another MI Member:   EvaS 

The plates and screws in her leg and hip from her old bike accident are now causing great problems. She even

had to be hospitalized. She has been told that rowing will no longer be possible.


Joey Peter '47, cox  NY died on Nov 3, 2016  from lung cancer. As of March, he was still planning to come to US Masters and FISA Masters. He coxed us since 004, mostly at FISA Masters. His last FISA with us was in Varese but then he got very busy coxing his mens crews and we had to fill his place  with other coxswains.


Judy has reported that Tiger is undergoing several complicated treatments for prostrate cancer. They will not participate at any 2016 regattas..

Tiger has very much improved. Both he and Judy have signed up for Bled!

EvaH has officially retired from racing!
2016 was her last season. She will be missed by her rowing partners in the I & J crews.
OTTO '31  GER  (2008, 2009, 2010 EuroMasters, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 EuroMasters, 2015, 2016 EuroMasters, 2016)
Unfortunately, due to health problems, Otto has to retire from active competition but will will continue to row just for health.
In Copenhagen, he was in continuous pain day and night despite permanent pain killers. His left hip and right shoulder need medical attention.
Otto's retirement will leave a big hole in more than one way! Since 2008 he was our mainstay in the mixed I and J categories at FISA Masters and EuroMasters, stroking and taking full responsibility for his crews at the venues.  He also donated yearly to our MI kitty. HE WILL BE MISSED in many ways! We were looking forward to having him for many more years in the J & K crews.
Problem with the seat on your Concept2?
Here is a new seat pad to help with sore lower backs:
HAZEWINKEL:        Lost & Found - Fundstelle
The following items were left behind in the tent when it was taken down. Die folgenden Sachen wurden beim Abbau im Zelt gefunden. Please claim your belongings!
They are at Magdi's house. If you want to have them shipped, you may for shipping.  Or you can pick them up at the 2016 EuroMasters in Munich
Jacke/jacket  XL
Hose/pants  L


Lies Muller '34
a former MI member who retired after the 2004 Hamburg FISA Masters,
came to Hazewinkel so see some of her old team mates. She even brought her rowing clothes in case there was a vacant seat!
Only Noralee, Karin, EvaS, and BarbaraB were there. Joey and Felicity did not come to Hazewinkel.
The others from her MI days: AnneL, Monika, Ingrid, Linda, Dora, Jennifer, Jori, Vicki, Marie-France, Margaretha, Nelly, EvaV, Waltraud, Kamila, Mirka, RosiL, and Jacques have either retired or have died.

She would like to join us again for an old quad but is hesitant because
she needs help getting in and out of the boat. Perhaps at the 2016 EuroMasters or 2017 Bled FISA Masters?
2001 EuroMasters:  Karin, Waltraud (dead), EvaV (dead), LIES (retired from racing), HeidiL( retired from racing), EvaS, Felicity, Hanni (retired from racing)

2002 Racice FISA Masters:   LIES (left), Jori

Our MI women when they reach the
future "L" (90+) category at FISA Masters
(created by Ann Jonik)