Masters International


updated    Oct 15

2016 Copenhagen FISA  -  WC8+
If you want to see your photo and/or results from your race here, send it to me for posting

Oct 15

Quer Durch Berlin   Oct 8    7 km

C-Gig 4x+  AK "E"    1st place    Christel (5th from the left)

They also had the fastest time of all MW4x+

Nordic Masters Open

Copenhagen       July 29-30

Christel  in 2 seat       mixG4x   1st place

Gruener Moselpokal, Bernkastel   Sept 30

Christel    MW4x+  category "E"      1st place

DRV Masters Championat

Werder    June 11

Beate   mixG2x   1st

Sybille, JuttaL    mixD4x     1st

Vroni   mixF8+    1st

mixG4x -  1st 

Christel on right

WG4x - 1st      Christel in 2 seat 


AnkeZ  (left), Magdi (right)

Heidelberger Regatta    May 27-28

May 27

MW2x   AnkeZ, Magdi     1st 

MW1x   Magdi   1st

              AnkeZ   3rd

May 28

MW2x   AnkeZ, Magdi     2nd

MW1x   AnkeZ    2nd

DOVE ELBE RALLY,  Hamburg      April 22
13 km:  Hamburg-Bergedorf-Hamburg

Fastest women's team!
Iris in 3 seat with pink neck warmer


42 km (2 loops of 21 km)

Joelle      1st place  

Lake Karapiro, April 21-30

Sprint Triathlon    SueH (center)   1st place

nixH2x  - 3rd place

mixG2x - 1st place

WG8+    - first place

WF4+, 1st place  and  2nd place

mixF-H8+    2nd place

1st place
WF8+         Debbie (cox), RachelA, JoanP, SueH, Frances, JudyG,
WG8+        Debbie (cox), RachelA, JoanP, Helen, JudyG, SueH, Jackie, AnneS-C
WG4x         JoanP,  SueH
WE4-         RachelA, JudyG, Jackie, Joanna
WG2x        SueH, JillG
WF4+        RachelA, JudyG
WG1x       JillG
WI1x  (German crew)  Vroni
mixF-G2x  JillG
mixF-G2x (Lithuanian crew)  Vida
mixH-K2x   Vroni
WI2x (with Chinook)   Vroni
mixF-G8+ (German crew)   Vroni, SylviaN, JuttaA
2nd place
WG4+      Helen, Jackie,
WG2x      Jackie, AnneS-C
WF4+      JoanP, Frances, Joanna
WF8+ (German crew)     Vroni, SylviaN, JuttaA
mixF-G8+  SueH, JohnH, JoanP, Jackie, JudyG, Dick, Debbie (cox)
mixF-G4x  SueH, JillG, JohnH
3rd place
WE2x      Joanna, AnneS-C
WG4x      Helen, AnneS-C, Frances
WF4x      JudyG, RachelA, Frances
WG4-      Helen, AnneS-C, SueH, Jackie (steering mechanism did not work!)
mixE8+ (German crew)  SylviaN, JuttaA
mixH-K2x  Helen
WD2- (German crew)  SylviaN, JuttaA
mixF-G4x   JoanP, JudyG, Dick
4th place
WF2x  RachelA, JillG
WC2x  Joanna
WE4x  JoanP in a NZ crew
WG2x  JoanP
WE4- (Lithuanian crew)  Vida
WE8+ (Lithuanian crew)  Vida
5th place
WG2x  JoanP
6th place
WE4x  Joanna, Jackie, SueH
made semis, missed finals
WF2x  JoanP
WF2x    Frances, Vida
Photos will be posted if anybody ever sends them!
Lots were taken but I have not received any!!!!!!!

Mile Run Trail Challenge, PA
April 1
13 miles (21 km), 4,000 foot (1219 m) elevation gain

Karin     3:31:35    15.4 min/mile
2nd in 60+ category

SKIFFHEAD, Amsterdam    April 2
7.5 km

WC1x     Marieke     1st place  and 1st overall    32:54
WF1x     Marijke       1st place  and 3rd overall    33:14
45th Heineken Roeivierkamp  (2500 m, 250 m, 5000 m)
on the Amstel River in Amsterdam
March 11-12

coxed WC4x      1st place and also first overall
from the right:  Katia, Marieke, Monika
(photo taken after the race at Willam 3 rowing club

Marijke was in 1st place WD8+ which also placed a close 2nd overall behind a WB8+

Elke was in 1st place WC8+, which was 7th overall

2017 CRASH-B,  Boston, Feb 12

50-54    Susan B    7:08   2nd place  (her personal best & the American record, a Dane won)

55-59     Gudrun    7:28  1st place  (her personal best)

60-64 light     Anne S    8:16  3rd place

70-74 light      Barbara H    8:54  1st place

BarbaraH    70-74 lightweight   1st 


Golden State Indoor Rowing Championships

Sacramento, Jan 31

SueH qualified for CRASH-B with a 7:42.8 (category F) but
will not attend. She is going to the World Masters Games
in NZ instead.

Peninsula Indoor Rowing Championships

Redwood City, CA,  Jan 29

JoanP qualified for CRASH-B with a 7:48 (F category) but will not attend. She is going to the World Masters Games in NZ instead

32nd Mile High Indoor Sprints
,  Denver      Jan 21

SusanB and AnneS won their age category and qualified for CRASH-B.and will compete
in Boston.

GraceM (left), SusanB (center), AnneS (right)

Switzerland 8+ Cup 
   Baden    Dec 17
The Waldshuter Women's Eight came in 1st place, placing overall among all women's crews (open women, junior women, masters women)

Magdi is second from left, holding the Challenge Cup (Wanderpokal).
Huess (in front, kneeling) coxed.
SILVERSKIFF    Turin, Italy     Nov 13
CAT D :   Kris  53.14     7th place,  Franziska  55.01    11th place
CAT F:    Joelle  53:00    1st place (center)
  CatherineW  54:06    2nd place  (left)
CAT H:  Christa  1:09.05    3rd place
CAT I:  BarbaraB  1:06.32    1st place


Womens Masters 4x  1st place  

SusanB  (right)

mix Masters 4x   
2nd place (because of buoy violation)
SusanB  (left)

Oct 29
9 km, mass start

Women's Masters 1x  50+
Magdi (left)     2nd place
Franziska (right)    3rd place

Saratoga Springs, NY
Oct 29

WF1x    1st place



Oct 29 & 30 

2.5 miles  

Masters Women's 8+  60 and over      1st place
MarieJ, Helen, AnneS-C
, Eileen, AnnJ, Karin, missing: AnneB, Eleanor, cox Kathleen 

Masters Women's 4x    60 and over    1st place

Marilyn, Karin, AnnC, AnneS-C         

Mixed Alumni 8+     

1st place


Masters Women's 4+  60 and over  
1st place
BarbaraH, SueT-H, AnnC

Masters Women's 4+    60 and over   2nd place

SueT-H, AnneB, MarieJ, AnnJ,  Kay (cox)      

52 Head of the Charles, Boston,  Oct 22 & 23

W1x  60-64    3rd


W1x   70-74  1st


Women's Eight  50-59        1st place

GraceM (2nd from left), RachelA (3rd from left), KatrinG (4th from left), ANTONELLA (5th from left)

W2x   70-74    st

BarbaraH  (right)

1x Vet I (60-64):   CatherineW  3rd  (MI & MastersUSA), LauraS-A  5th  (MI & MastersUSA),   also: BarbaraJ (MI & MastersUSA), JoanP (MastersUSA)
1x Vet II (65-69):   MarieH  1st (MI), JillG  2nd (MI),   also: Maryanne (MI), LizM (MI & MastersUSA)
1x Senior Vet I (70-74):    MJ  4th (MI & MastersUSA)
1x Senior Vet II (75-79):   Jan  1st (MI & MastersUSA)
Eight 50-59:  1st:  Antonella (MI), KatrinG (MI), RachelA (MI), GraceM (MI & MastersUSA) 
Eight 60-69:  1st:  Evelyn (MI), ClaudiaSch (MI)   
                      2nd: SueH (MI & MastersUSA), Jackie (MI & MastersUSA), AnnJ (MI & MastersUSA), JudyG (MI), CarlieG (MI)  
                      also: JudyK (MI & MastersUSA), AnnC (MI & MastersUSA), MaryC-B (MI & MastersUSA), Marilyn (MI & MastersUSA), Alexis (MI & MastersUSA)
Four 50+ :    2nd  AnneB (MI & MastersUSA), also DianeW (MI & MastersUSA), Hawley, cox (MI & MastersUSA)
Four 40+:    4th:  Kris (MI)
2x Grandmasters 60-69:   AnneS-C (MI & MastersUSA)
2x Veteran 70+:  1st   BarbaraH (MI)
Directors Challenge 4x:  2nd  Antonella  (MI)
                                       3rd  AnneB  (MI & MastersUSA)
Alumni Women's EightsValentina (MI)                         
Head of the Charles admits women for the first time in 1972!
Oct 22, 1972    Women's Eight (12 entries)
The first Vesper Women's Team, a novice crew having rowed only 1 and 2 years, wins by 38 seconds over University of Wisconsin, in a time of 18:24.1.  A good performance, considering their lack of rowing experience (especially sweep), their size and the wooden men's equipment used in those days.
1. Ann Jonik, 2. Marie Jonik, 3. Cara Thorn, 4. Susan Burns, 5.Lucille Leib, 6. Pam Behrens, 7. Karin Constant, 8. Diane Braceland, c. Maureen Donohue
(coach: Gus Constant)
2013 Varese WB4x