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last update  Jan 2007
General CoxBox Maintenance Tips
It's not unusual for a CoxBox to perform for 6-8 years before needing service. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your CoxBox/VoxBox unit:
DAILY/WEEKLY Maintenance
1. Carry the CoxBox/VoxBox by the handle, NEVER by the microphone
2. Remove microphone from unit when stored in the carry case
3. If using the salt-water adapter, make sure to leave the adapter connected to the CB at all times. Again, use the handle as a handle
4. Rinse off connections on unit and wiring harness. This is a MUST if used in salt water
5. Store in cool, dry place. Avoid leaving units in severe heat or cold (such as the dashboard of a car or an unheated boathouse in winter)
6. Avoid charging for more than several days. A typical full charge requires approximately 6-8 hours
MONTHLY maintenance
1. Clean connections on unit and wiring harness with soap and water. Rinse well and dry.
2. Clean sockets in rubber plug on face of CoxBox/VoxBox with small drill bit, pipe cleaner, or thin cotton swab.
3. Apply Nyogel electrical contact lubricant in sockets of plufg on face of unit.
4. Apply silicone grease around outside of rubber plug and around inside of rubber wiring receptacle to avoid dry rot and cracking. This grease is NOT conductive and shold not be in contact with the metal pins and sockets.
1. Perform full monthly clean-up
2. Fully charge unit.
3. Pack CoxBox/VoxBox unit with microphone removed.
4. Store  in cool, dry place
1. Send unit to NK for evaluation, battery replacement (if needed) and re-sealing
2. Do it as soon as possible; off-seasons get very busy for our repairs department!
No volume:  16 hours
Full volume: 50 minutes of talk time
*As with most performance equipment, spending a little extra time to care for and maintain your unit can pay off in the long run!
Potential problems and troubleshooting tips
1. No stroke rate:  be sure that the magnet is located on the bottom of the stroke seat and is aligned to pass over the seat sensor. Also check to be sure that the unit is not switched to Hold. Check that the rate sensor wire is intact. Any nicks or cuts in the wire can cause the signal to be lost on the way to the unit
2. No sound:  make sure that speakers are still connected. Also, check for nicks or cuts along the wiring harness, as well as all connectors (pins, sockets, plugs, receptacles). Test microphones, CoxBox units and speakers on wiring systems that you know are in good shape.