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last update  Jan 20, 2010
COXSWAINS - Care and Maintenance
We are now very fortunate to finally have an outstanding line-up of coxswains. In order that our coxswains can do their job efficiently, they would appreciate it if you could learn/understand their commands.  This will accomplish three things:
1. greater safety on the water,  if the crew can respond quickly to the commands
2. avoid possible disqualification at the start, should the crew take too long in getting into the starting gate because it does not know/understand the commands
3. avoid looking like a centipede on the water!  Know the commands so that the whole crew can respond quickly and in unison. (The centipede-look of a crew going into the starting gate always causes Karin great embarrassment and anguish!)
THE ROWER'S DUTY at all times
1. KNOW and UNDERSTAND the COX COMMANDS of your coxswain
2. PAY ATTENTION TO THE COX AT ALL TIMES so that the whole crew can react immediately to the commands
3. KEEP YOUR HEAD IN THE BOAT at all times, ESPECIALLY DURING THE RACE (swinging that 5 lb weight around will upset the balance of the boat)

In the beginning...  author unknown

And after God had created the earth and all the things that were in it, God created man and woman. They followed her command and were fruitful and multiplied.

Then God looked down upon the human race and sought out four strong humans: tall, lean, well-muscled, but not too bright. These four God called "the engine room".

God looked further and found two strong humans with focus and a well-developed sense of balance. These two God called "the bow pair".

God sought a human who was steely-eyed, determined, a competitor who would never say "die". This human God called "the stroke".

One more human God found. An individual who had all the qualities of "the stroke" but one who could also follow and send a strong rhythm and will to those who in turn followed her. This individual God called simply "seven".

Now God faced the biggest challenge. God must find an individual who could control and lead these eight exemplary human beings. One who was cocky and confident with a loud voice and dominant bearing. God found no such human being, so God came to earth and took on the role of the coxswain.

And the eight human beings declared that the coxswain had a "God-complex".