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updated     Aug 8

FISA Masters  2019
Velence, Hungary    Sept 11-15 (Wed-Sun)

Regatta Venue

Race Course

Race course on left side


Lake Velence is the 3rd largest lake in Hungary and is a  popular holiday destination among Hungarians

    I have arranged for accommodations within easy biking distance. Contact me starting now if you want to be included in our group accommodations. This is not a commitment, it is only to give me an idea as to the possible number of people. 

Rooms are filling fast. I still have doubles/twins, 2 connected doubles, rooms with 4 beds

updated Aug 8

If you are serious about coming to Hungary, it is time to also think about your rooms. I will fill our group hotel on a first come basis.

Aug 8
More information will be posted soon and I will update as new information arrives. Especially when the regatta will start and when you need to arrive.
When you sign up to race with our group, please remember that everybody has to be at the venue the day before the races start:  Tuesday, Sept 10.  Everybody is fully scheduled and we have no extra people who can substitute if you are not there.
Remember, you will have as many practices on Tuesday as you will race in the next 4 days (Wed-Sat)
We also need a group who can be there on Monday, Sept 9 to help unload boats, rig boats and set up our Headquarters tents.
Please keep this in mind when you make your travel arrangements.  Do not tell me you can be there and then a week before the regatta you tell me: sorry, but I am not arriving until late on Tuesday.

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