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Updated    Aug 8

2017 FISA Masters  WF8+ #A

PAULA is retiring from racing.  More to come!
THREE SERIOUS HEALTH PROBLEMS caused cancellations for EuroMasters

Gudrun: unfortunately I have some very bad news. Since years I have a very hard thrombosis in my right thigh and therefor I was earlier this day at my doctor.
I got operated already in Christmas 2017 at the other leg and could not train for weeks. Now the other leg is inflamed and hurts me very much. The doctor recommended strongly, that I should move my legs, but not do any strong stress on my leg, because in that case there would be a great danger, that a blood clot could move and I would get an embolism. May be I must get another operation on that leg too.

Aug 8
Karin:    Operation for herniated disk was done on Aug 2. Now it will be a long recovery period and no training for 3 weeks. Hopefully she can race at HOS the end of October.

Aug 8
Christel:  At a routine check-up, she was diagnosed with cancer of the intestines. Her big serious one was on July 25. The tumor was totally removed. The doctors could not find no metastasis.  But they did not find all the lymph nodes but they do not think the 3 missing lymph nodes are infected. She will need no Chemo but will be kept under strict supervision.  For 8 weeks no stress on the stomach area.

March 15


John Hooten, Sue's husband, died of a heart attack on March 5 during his row on Lake Natoma. For many years, he was a great support to us at FISA Masters and US Masters. He rowed with us, coxed us and generally helped with whatever chores needed to be done. He was an excellent cartoonist and his rowing jokes were published in the booklet "WHO'S IN BOW", copies of which he gave away free.  John was also a dedicated volunteer in scouting and as a swimming coach.

updated  March 15


KARL and ANNELISE, long time fans & supporters

Starting with Bled in 1995, they came to FISA Masters almost every year until Vienna 2009, bringing their caravan to the camping area to support our MI groups with water and food for those who wanted it. They were also our greatest fans in the stands, watching every one of our races. Many of our photos from those days were taken by Karl. They also provided a tent for our use until it finally wore out. The last year we used it was in Scotland.

Karl died on Feb 21.  Annelise has total dementia. Two good friends of MI gone!!!!!

HAZEWINKEL:        Lost & Found - Fundstelle
The following items were left behind in the tent when it was taken down. Die folgenden Sachen wurden beim Abbau im Zelt gefunden. Please claim your belongings!
They are at Magdi's house. If you want to have them shipped, you pay for shipping.  Or you can pick them up at the 2018 EuroMasters in Munich

Problem with the seat on your Concept2?

Here is a new seat pad to help with sore lower backs:
Our MI women when they reach the future "L" (90+) category at FISA Masters
(created by Ann Jonik)

2017 FISA Masters  WF8+ #B