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Updated    April 4

2017 FISA Masters  WF8+ #A

April 4
VERY BAD NEWS!!!!!!  Magdi cannot come to Hungary.
She has been diagnosed with breast cancer and will start chemo therapy soon. Treatment will go to the middle of September
March 20
Christel will not be able to come to FISA Masters.  She recovered well after her cancer surgery last year. Then in the winter broke her arm and recovered from that. And now she broke her foot walking normally in her home. She does not feel that she would be ready to race in Velence. Also, she thinks she needs to find out why all these breaks are occurring.
March 10    John Hooten Memorial Row
on the first anniversary of his death on March 5, 2018
Ernst Ruehl '38 GER, another long-time mix-Member has retired!
After a very successful masters rowing career, Ernst has decided to stop participating in regattas.  He raced at many FISA Masters Regattas before he finally decided to row mixed with us.
Like many of our long term mixed members, he will be missed.

Nov 17

We lost another MI member! 

BEAT AKLIN '45 SUI, along time mixed MI member


On Oct 25, Beat apparently suffered a heart attack and fell out of his single about 200 meters from shore on Zugersee. They searched until November 15 for his body, without success. Beat was a dedicated and valuable MI member, ready to row in any boat & any seat. His death leaves a  big hole!

PAULA  '34 CAN  (2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017)   IS RETIRING FROM RACING
Paula has decided that it is time to give up competitive rowing.  We will miss her !
HAZEWINKEL:        Lost & Found - Fundstelle
The following items were left behind in the tent when it was taken down. Die folgenden Sachen wurden beim Abbau im Zelt gefunden. Please claim your belongings!
They are at Magdi's house. If you want to have them shipped, you pay for shipping.  Or you can pick them up at the 2018 EuroMasters in Munich

Problem with the seat on your Concept2?

Here is a new seat pad to help with sore lower backs:
Our MI women when they reach the future "L" (90+) category at FISA Masters
(created by Ann Jonik)

2017 FISA Masters  WF8+ #B