Masters International


last update   Sept 3
2017 FISA Masters     WF4x

2016  Major Expenditures

EZ-Up Sun Tent                                       E240.79

Team tent for US regattas                       US$239.92

2015 Major Expenditures
cox box for Europe (replacement)             US$ 737.50
sun tent for Europe (replacement)            Euro 240.79                      

(NOTE:  Treat our tents with care!  Replacements are expensive and we don't have enough money in our accounts!)

Yearly expenditures
shirts for coxswains, photographers, etc.
annual bank charges for German bank

updated   March 26

MI Kitty/MI Kasse

Balance of US funds      US$  120.07

Balance of Euros            Euro  165.68

March 26
sponsors for people who need help with regatta expenses:  JudyK, AnnC, Marilyn, Catherine, GraceM, SusanB, SueH, GraceT, Amy, AnneS, Samantha, Joelle, Beate, Angelika, Gudrun, Christel, AnneB, MJ, Evelyn, Lizzie, Sylke, Franziska, Rosi, Felicity, Marieke, RacheA-2, Rose, BabaraJ, Birgit, SylviaN,


Gerald (refused rental money from the 3 crew members), various over payments in Munich, Alex (sponsor), Christa (sponsor)


Christa, Lucasz, Claudia, JudyK, Klara, MJ, Gabi, Marilyn, Russians

Otto (sponsor), Franziska, Laura (refused rental money at US Masters), refused refund for entries/rentals for US Masters (GraceM, Margaret, AnneS, SusanB), MJ (donation towards a new tent in the US), Ania, Paula
Otto (sponsor), JudyD (sponsor), Franziska, EvaS, Laura, GabiR, EvaSch (donated unused entry & boat rental fee), various over payments in Hazewinkel (Kay, Klara, Christel, MJ, Tor), refund from NK for old cox box, rental money left over from US Masters


SusanC (donated overpayment of HOS entry fee), CatherineW, Paula
2013 (during FISA Masters)
BarbaraB & Warszawa Club.Otto (sponsor), Edit, Iris/Karsten, Lizzie, Patty, Jackie, Soren/Ulrik (donated Fredensborg boat rental money), Zibi, Shaun


JudyD, Marilyn, Alexis & John (paid over 1/5 of new cox box for USA), Eva Sch, Mary B, Diane (MastersUSA), left over boat rental money at US Masters, Christa, Karsten, Margit,/Marietta/EvaH, Gabi, Otto (sponsor), unused practice fee for WA8+

Marilyn, Joelle, Vroni, Eva Sch, Magdi & Huess, Christa, Ann C, Lizzie, Otto (sponsor), Gerhard, Markus, Sylke, Anne B, Marilyn, Alexis
and after FISA Masters, Joey gave us his cox box, which shows the stroke rating
BEST CARE  donated additional money to MI
Judy G was quoted in an article and they used two MI photos in their publication.  AARP paid us for the use of these photos
Thanks to BEST CARE, a second sponsor, donations from "Friends of Masters International" and donations from some of the MI members, we were able to buy the following: a complete CoxVox system and two new tents for our MI headquarters.

BESTCAREmed of Logan, Utah, USA, is a nationally recognized provider of hysterectomy alternatives. Headed by Dr.Young, the firm focuses on women's choices and their participation in decisions affecting their own health care. (company closed its doors in 2011)
PAMP, the company who has been doing the printing on our MI shirts for many years, has given us a $1.00 discount per shirt this year!"
FRIENDS OF MASTERS INTERNATIONAL"  (Donations received from people who are fascinated by what our women's group is doing!)
Chris Wells, Joyce Young, Bee Dunn
MI MEMBER DONATIONS:  Juergen, Noralee, Eva S, Joelle, Vroni, Eva Sch, Magdi & Huess, Dora, Jill C (USA), Felicity, Amy (USA)
2017 FISA Masters   mixC8+