Masters International


2013 Varese WG8+ and WH8+
Last update   April 25, 2019
Our Masters International Racing Shirts
design on the FRONT of our racing shirts (names under the oars change yearly)
design on the BACK of our racing shirts (name of location changes yearly)

MASTERS INTERNATIONAL”  is the name of  our composite crews (international) that race at FISA Masters Regattas. It gives women without a large team/group a chance to race in 4-/4+/4x and 8+ in addition to their own 1x and/or 2x events.  “Membership” is usually by invitation or recommendation by members. There is always a “core group” who attends FISA Masters on a regular basis but the overall group changes somewhat from year to year, depending on interest and who can attend. Emphasis was on  the E-H categories but several years ago we added C and D. Since 2013 we also included A and B. FISA Masters has expanded the older categories to K, so now we enter crews from A-K!  For boats we depend on the kindness of rowing clubs (who are also attending FISA Masters) to lend us their private equipment. Crews, equipment, accommodations and racing shirts are organized by Karin Constant, USA.

MASTERS INTERNATIONAL”  ist der Name unserer Renngemeinschaften (international) die bei FISA Masters Regatten starten.  Sie geben Ruderinnen,  die keine grossen Vereine/Gruppen haben, eine Chance, neben ihrem eigenen 1x und/oder 2x, auch in 4-, 4+, 4x und 8+ zu starten. “Mitgliedschaft”  ergibt sich meistens auf Einladung oder Empfehlung von Mitgliedern.  Es gibt bei uns immer eine “Kerngruppe”, aber die Gesamtgruppe aendert sich von Jahr zu Jahr etwas, abhaengig vom Interesse und wer kommen kann.  Die WE-H Kategorien waren zuerst ueberwiegend,  aber dann kamen C and D dazu. Seid 2013 haben wir auch A und B hinzugefuegt.  FISA Masters hat the aelteren Kategorien bis zu K erweitert und so melden wir nun Mannschaften von A-K!  Was die Boote betrifft, sind wir total auf die Bereitschaft anderer Rudervereine (die auch an den FISA Masters teilnehmen) angewiesen uns ihre Ausruestungen zu leihen.   Mannschaften, Boote, Unterkunft und Trikots werden von Karin Constant , USA, organisiert.

Karin (2018)


About 65% of our 2018 FISA Masters group
About 40% of our 2018 EuroMasters group

About 60% of our 2017 FISA Masters group

1/3 of the 2016 FISA Masters group

80% of the 2016 EuroMasters group

2/3 of the 2015 Hazewinkel Group

1/3 of the 2014 EuroMasters Group

No group photo was taken in 2012 in Duisburg.
Regatta was running late so it was getting dark
and not many of the group were still there.
                                                                                                                                                             1/3 of the 2013 Varese (Italy) Group
Just a few of the 2010 St. Catharines (Canada) group
3/4 of  the 2011 Poznan (Poland) group

Some of the 2010 EuroMasters (Munich) group
Some of the 2009 Vienna (Austria) group

For several reasons,
no group photo
was taken in Zagreb in 2007
                                      Some of the 2008 Trakai (Lithuania) group
Some of the 2006 Princeton (USA) group
Some of the 2006 EuroMasters (Munich) group
Some of the 2005 Strathclyde (Scotland) group
Some of the 2004 Hamburg (Germany) group

Some of the 2003 Vichy (France) group

Some of the 2002 Racice (Czech Republic) group
This was our first group photo. It was the idea of Karl Uphues.